"Working for the common good through growing friendship and understanding

between people and communities of differing faiths and beliefs"







There will be a formal dedication of the Monumental Tree for Peace at 2.00 pm on 21st

September 2021 at on Kingston Field in Woodbridge.

This is  close to the junction of Kingston Farm Road and Westholme Close.  The

  Postcode is IP12 4BD.

All are invited to attend or you or your organisation may wish to

  • provide words that could be read out in support of the monument or peace,
  • state that they will pause in their afternoon activity at 2.00pm
  • indicate some other way they will hold the ceremony in their thoughts on that day.



  You can get more details (PDF format)  about  the Tree for Peace by clicking here





"The Changing Landscape of Religion and Belief:  Standing at

the Crossroads"


by Dr. Ed Kessler of the Woolf Institute



Dr Kessler discusses the changing religious landscape in Europe (and beyond) and demographic trends, highlighting, for example, the financial and human cost of conflict. He considers the implications of the changes on society focusing 1) on religious pluralism and diversity and 2) religion, citizenship and the nation state. What is the consequence that, in Western Europe at least, Christianity can no longer be portrayed as the dominant ‘host’ religion and a previously intrinsic relationship is being weakened?  He argues that belonging to a minority is the norm and that the increasing interdependence of the modern world means, to adapt the words of John Donne, that neither country nor religion are an island, entire of itself.

He also includes regions beyond Europe such as India with resurgent Hindu nationalism, marginalising Muslims and Christians; the Middle East where religion can be dangerously viewed as constitutive of national consciousness. The lecture ends by returning closer to home, reflecting on the religious transformation in the UK. Kessler proposes 4 tasks which, he suggests, need to be fulfilled to avoid tribalism and separation from one another and to help ensure a more integrated and inclusive society. 



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Suffolk Holocaust Memorial Day Event  27th January 2021

Video  now available on the

Suffolk County Council Youtube Channel



The theme for the 2021 Holocaust Memorial Day is “Be the Light in the darkness” and 27 January has been designated as HMD by the Holocaust memorial Trust. As in the previous three years, arrangements for the Suffolk-wide event are being co-ordinated by the Ipswich Faith and Community Forum (IFCF).

Due to COVID restrictions, the event this year will be held in virtual mode. Contributions have been received from Ipswich Mayor’s Office, Jewish Community Ipswich Borough Council, Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Refugee Support, Suffolk Constabulary, Northgate High School, and several members of the local community.

The event video, of about an hour’s duration will be streamed on the Suffolk County Council YouTube Channel on the 27 January 2021 at 1.00 pm.

All our supporters from previous years who have participated in the event at Suffolk University are encouraged to link up on 27 January @1.00 pm. This year’s format gives us the opportunity to reach a much wider audience and in particular, all schools in Suffolk are encouraged to share in the event which brings the message of hope to us all in this particular period of difficulty.

For further information or queries please contact: Gurmeet Singh Sually, IFCF Chair – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.