7.00pm 16th NOVEMBER 2020

by video conferencing (Zoom)




1. Opening and welcome

2. Approval of the minutes of the 2019 AGM

3. Chair's report to members.

4. Presentation of Annual Accounts

5. Membership and affiliation fees

6. Nominations and election of trustees

7. AoB


Documents for the meeting can be downloaded from the website by clicking the links below


Chair's report

financial report

agm minutes 2019






An Evening of Reflection

Faith in Ipswich


Tuesday, 18th February 2020

6.30pm - 8.30pm

Mayor’s Parlour,

Ipswich Town Hall, Ipswich, IP1 1DH


Faith in Ipswich is the first evening of reflection being organised by Ipswich Faith and Community Forum (IFCF) in partnership with Ipswich Mayor’s Office. It will endeavour to explore the presence of some of the world Religions and Beliefs in Ipswich and how they can contribute to tackling the problems facing us in 2020 and beyond - in law and order, education, politics, social support, environmental concerns and so forth.

A panel of representatives from local religious and philosophical traditions, and civic institutions of the Town will explore ideas and challenges raised by local residents. Members of the public are invited to attend and to also raise questions for the religious representative and the civic institutions alike, both ahead of time by email and on the night itself.

The aim is to establish productive routes by which the various faith communities might contribute towards making the town a better place to live in not only for their own members but for everyone.

If you would like to attend and or send in a question for the panel, please email the Chair of the Panel – Robin Herne (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by no later than 12th February. 


The event will be opened and closed by the Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Jan Parry

Refreshments will be provided

N.B. The following representatives have agreed to be part of the Panel:

  • Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Humanism
  • The Constabulary, Borough Council, voluntary and health sectors.






Suffolk Liberal Jewish Community


A shabbat service


The Jewish Sabbath is on a Saturday. Our community holds services once a month, and on Saturday 23rd November we will be running an interfaith service. It will be a standard service, but with explanations and commentary as we go along. The service lasts a little over an hour. Most of the material will be in English. There are parallel translations in the prayer book for the Hebrew passages, and transliterations will be available for those who feel brave enough to join in; we think Hebrew is a beautiful language to speak.


The skeleton of all Jewish Sabbath services worldwide is the same. The flesh and the clothing vary. Our community is, as you will see above, Liberal. We use more English and introduce modern material. We hope our services are accessible any time, but will be making a special effort to make this one so.


The centrepiece of the Sabbath morning service is the reading from the scroll containing the first five books of the Bible. Our community does not have a proper scroll but we have a reproduction, which will give you an idea of what it looks like.


A Jewish service requires neither a consecrated building nor an ordained person – which is just as well because our little community in Suffolk is much too small to have either. We will be using the Friends Meeting House (39 Fonnereau Road, Ipswich) and the service will be led by a member of our community. We count ourselves lucky if we have 15 people attending so, although this is a religious service, it has an informal atmosphere. We are not solemn.


The service starts at 11. There is no dress code. For guidance, the leader of the service will not be wearing a jacket or tie. Jewish men cover their head with a skull cap at services; it is not required for non-Jews, but we will have some available if you wish to do so. Images you have seen will probably show women and men seated separately; this is “clothing” not “skeleton”, and is not practised in the Liberal community.


After the service we adjourn for kiddush, a sanctification of the day over a token glass of wine, and a short grace over challah, a special loaf of bread. You are invited to stay on for the shared lunch. If you would like to bring a contribution, it would be gratefully received. We are not strictly kosher, but as a general guideline it would be safe to bring a vegetarian savoury, or a sweet dish (no pork or shellfish). There will be an opportunity to meet each other and to find out more about our community. Unless you want to question us all afternoon, you should be away by 1.30.


We look forward to welcoming you.


The 2019 report is available by clicking here



Below is a list of contact  addresses and websites for faiths/beliefs  in the Ipswich area in alphabetical order.,



Name Address Town Postcode Local website
Alan Road Methodist Church Alan Road Ipswich IP3 8EZ https://eangliamethodist.org.uk/ipswich-alan-road
All Hallows Church Landseer Road IP3 0JH Ipswich IP3 0JH https://allhallowsipswich.wordpress.com/
All Soul’s Parish Ipswich   Ipswich IP42BB http://www.rccguk.church/places/ipswich/all-souls-parish-ipswich/
Ashcroft Christian Fellowship Ashcroft Hall,Ashcroft Road, Ipswich IP1 6AA None
Ashcroft Christian Fellowship Ashcroft Hall, Ashcroft Road IP1 6AA Ipswich IP1 6AA None
Avenue Evangelical Church 42 Warwick Avenue Woodbridge IP12 1JX http://www.avenueevangelicalchurch.org.uk/
Bacton Gospel Hall Trust: 497 Woodbridge Rd Ipswich IP4 4EP http://theplymouthbrethren.org.uk/
Bacton Gospel Hall Trust,Baptist (possibly shared with Plymouth Brethren see below) 79 Cauldwell Hall Road Ipswich IP4 4QG https://www.chrbc.org/
Bahai   http://suffolkbahais.altervista.org/
Battisford Free Church Battisford, Stowmarket IP14 2LZ https://battisfordfreechurch.com/
Beauty of Christ Tabernacle   Ipswich http://www.rccguk.church/
Bethel United Church Of Jesus Christ Apostolic Luther Road Ipswich IP2 8BL http://bethelipswich.org.uk/
Bethel United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic [Ipswich] Luther Road Ipswich IP2 8EQ http://bethelipswich.org.uk/
Bethesda Baptist Church Cavendish Road Felixstowe IP112AR http://www.bethesdafelixstowe.com/
Bethesda Baptist Church 9, St. Margaret's Green IP1 3BY Ipswich IP2 8BL http://www.bethesdaipswich.com
Bixley Farm Church Community Centre, Broadlands Way, Rushmere St Andrew IP4 5SU Ipswich IP4 5SU https://www.mie.org.uk/bixley
Bramford Road Methodist Church Bramford Road IP1 4AY Ipswich IP1 4AY http://www.br-mc.org.uk/
Bridge Community Church Gusford Primary School, Sheldrake Drive IP2 9LQ Ipswich IP2 9LQ http://icchurch.co.uk/
Burlington Baptist Church London Road IP1 1EZ Ipswich IP1 1EZ https://burlington.church/
Castle Hill United Reformed Church Dryden Road Ipswich IP1 6QF http://www.castlehillurc.org.uk/
Cauldwell Hall Road Baptist Church Cauldwell Hall Road Ipswich IP3 3QG https://www.chrbc.org/
Cedars Church Cedars Park Primary School Pintail Road Stowmarket IP14 5FP https://www.cedarschurch.com/
Cedars Spiritualists Cedars Centre, 19 Main Road, Kesgrave, IP5 1AQ, https://www.cedars-spiritualists.co.uk/
Chantry Methodist Church Kingfisher Avenue Ipswich IP2 0QN https://eangliamethodist.org.uk/ipswich-chantry
Christ Church Tacket Street Tacket Street Ipswich IP1 1AU https://www.christchurch-ipswich.org.uk/
Christadelphian Ipswich http://www.ipswichchristadelphians.info/
Christian Science Society 54 St Matthews St, Ipswich IP1 3EP http://christianscience.org.uk/
Church of The Ascension Larchcroft Road, Castle Hill IP1 6AN Ipswich IP1 6AN https://www.achurchnearyou.com/church/19439/
Colchester Road Baptist Church Colchester Road IP4 4ST Ipswich IP4 4ST http://www.crbc.org.uk
Felixstowe Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Haven Exchange Walton Avenue Felixstowe IP11 2QX https://www.jw.org/en/
Full Gospel Church, 692 Old Norwich Road Ipswich http://www.fullgospel.org.uk/,
Grace Bible Church Thurleston Lane IP1 6TF Ipswich IP1 6TF None
Greenfinch Church Greenfinch Ave Ipswich IP2 0SQ http://greenfinchchurch.org.uk/
Sikh Gurdwara 719 Bramford Rd, Ipswich IP1 5BD Ipswich IP1 5BD https://ipswichgurdwara.com/
Hadleigh Baptist Church George Street Hadleigh IP7 5BE https://www.hadleighchurch.co.uk/
Hatfield Road Congregational Church Hatfield Road IP3 9AF Ipswich IP3 9AF None
Hindu 5 Thoroughfare IP1 1BX Ipswich http://www.ipswichhindusamaj.org.uk/
Holly Lodge Baptist Church Bramford Lane IP1 4DF Ipswich IP1 4DF http://hollylodgechurch.org/
Holy Trinity Church Back Hamlet IP3 8AJ Ipswich IP3 8AJ https://www.ipswichwaterfrontchurches.co.uk/
Hope Church 114 Fore Hamlet, Ipswich IP3 8AF https://www.hopeipswich.co.uk/
Horley Spiritualist Church Crane Hill-345 London Road, Ipswich https://www.freewebs.com/horleyspiritualistchurch/
Ipswich Christian Spiritualist Church (Beeches),Ipswich 131 Woodbridge Road-Lacey Street Ipswich https://beechesspiritualistchurchipswich.webs.com
Ipswich Community Church Wilberforce Street, Ipswich IP1 2JP http://icchurch.co.uk/
Ipswich Community Church Clarkson Street IP1 2JL Ipswich IP1 2JL http://www.icchurch.co.uk
Ipswich Malayali Association
Ipswich Pentecostal (Malayalam and Hindi) Rushmere Village Hall, Humber Doucy Lane Ipswich IP4 3PD https://www.ipcuk.org/
Ipswich Vineyard Church Holiday Inn, 2, The Havens IP3 9SJ Ipswich IP3 9SJ http://www.ipswichvineyardchurch.org.uk/
Jeannies Elms Sanctuary 61 Pownall Road, Ipswich IP3 0DJ http://s639482275.initial-website.co.uk/
Kingdom Hall, Jehovah's Witness 50 Knightsdale Road, Ipswich IP1 4JJ None
Landseer Road Methodist Church Landseer Road IP3 9LX Ipswich IP3 9LX https://eangliamethodist.org.uk/ipswich-landseer-road
Latter Day Saints Sidegate Lane West Ipswich
Leighton Road Evangelical Church Leighton Road, Gainsborough Estate Ipswich IP3 0LJ http://www.leightonchurch.org.uk/
Museum Street Methodist Church Museum Street IP1 2EF Ipswich IP1 2EF https://www.museumstreet.org.uk/
Nansen Road Baptist Church Nansen Road IP3 9HN Ipswich IP3 9HN https://www.nrbconline.org/
Needham market Evangelical Church Ipswich Road Needham Market IP6 8EH https://www.needhamchurch.org.uk/
New Apostolic Church 37, High Street Ipswich IP1 3QH
Ipswich Pagan Council https://www.ipswichpagancouncil.com/
Proclaimers Church Quay Place, Key St Ipswich IP4 1BZ http://QuayPlace
River of Life Church Christian Life Centre 2 Carr Road, Felixstowe IP11 2FS https://riveroflifechurch.net/
Rushmere Christian Fellowship St. Albans School, Digby Road Ipswich IP4 3NJ https://www.rcfchurch.org.uk/
Salvation Army Ipswich Citadel 558, Woodbridge Road Ipswich IP4 4PH http://ipswichcitadelsalvationarmy.co.uk/
Salvation Army Priory 43, Queensway Ipswich IP3 9EX http://www.salvationarmy.org.uk/ipswich-priory
Salvation Army, Bramford Road Bramford Road Ipswich IP1 2LW https://www.salvationarmy.org.uk/ipswich-bramford-road
Seventh Day Adventist Church Rope Walk Ipswich IP4 1ND http://ipswich.adventistchurch.org.uk/
Shepherd Drive Baptist Church Laburnam Close, Pinewood Ipswich IP8 3SL https://www.sdbc.org.uk/
Shiloh Pentecostal Church Vernon Street Ipswich P2 8JA
St John the Wonderworker Wadgate Sy. Felixstowe IP11 2LP
St Mary at the Elms Russian Orthodox) 28 Elm St. Ipswich IP1 1EY
St Matthew's All Saints Church Chevalier Street Ipswich IP1 2PQ http://www.smast.org.uk
St. Andrew’s Church Britannia Road Ipswich IP4 5HF https://www.mie.org.uk/
St. Augustine’s Church Bucklesham Road Ipswich IP3 8TH https://staugustinesipswich.org.uk
St. Bartholomew’s Church Newton Road Ipswich IP3 8HQ http://www.saintbartschurch.co.uk/
St. Clements Congregational Church Back Hamlet Ipswich IP3 8AH http://ipswichartscentre.org/
St. Francis Church Hawthorn Drive Ipswich IP2 9XG https://www.achurchnearyou.com/church/2051/
St. Helen’s Church St. Helen's Street Ipswich IP4 2LB https://www.ipswichwaterfrontchurches.co.uk/
St. James the Lesser Church 482, Landseer Road Ipswich IP3 9LU https://www.rcdea.org.uk/location/st-james-ipswich/
St. John The Baptist Church Cauldwell Hall Road Ipswich IP4 4QE https://www.mie.org.uk/
St. John’s United Reformed Church 1, Cowper Street Ipswich IP4 5JD https://www.stjohnsurcipswich.org.uk/
St. Luke’s Church Cliff Lane Ipswich IP3 0PJ https://www.ipswichwaterfrontchurches.co.uk/
St. Margaret’s Church St. Margaret's Plain Ipswich IP4 2BE http://www.stmargaretsipswich.org.uk/
St. Mark’s Church 180, Hawthorn Drive Ipswich IP2 0QQ http://www.stmarksparish.org.uk/
St. Mary At Stoke Churc Stoke Street Ipswich IP2 8DA https://www.achurchnearyou.com/church/2056/
St. Mary at The Elms Church Elm Street Ipswich IP1 1EY http://www.stmaryattheelms.org.uk
St. Mary le Tower Church Tower Street Ipswich IP1 3BE http://www.stmaryletower.org.uk/
St. Mary Magdalen Church 468, Norwich Road Ipswich IP1 6JS https://marymagdalens.org/
St. Mary’s & St. Botolphs Church Whitton Church Lane Ipswich IP1 6LT https://www.achurchnearyou.com/church/2062/
St. Mary’s Church 322, Woodbridge Road Ipswich IP4 4BD http://www.st-mary.org.uk
St. Matthew’s Church Portman Road Ipswich IP1 2AX http://www.smast.org.uk/
St. Pancras Church 1, Orwell Place Ipswich IP4 1BZ http://www.stpancraschurch.org.uk/
St. Thomas’ Church Bramford Lane IP1 5EP Ipswich IP2 8RE http://stthomasipswich.org.uk/
Stoke Green Baptist Church Halifax Road, Stoke Green Ipswich https://www.stokegreenbaptist.org.uk/
Suffolk Humanists https://suffolkhands.org.uk/
Suffolk Liberal Jewish Community http://www.sjc.onesuffolk.net/
Temple of Light Felixstowe 28 Beach Road West Felixstowe IP11 2EW https://www.freewebs.com/oflightemple/
The Ark Church Wolsey House, The Drift, Nacton Road Ipswich IP3 9QR http://www.arkipswich.co.uk/
The Gospel Hall 142 Kemball St, Ipswich IP4 5EA http://www.gospelhall.org.uk/lists/england.html
The Greek Community of St. Cosmas and St. Damian Curriers Lane, Ipswich, Ipswich IP1 2AQ http://ipswichorthodoxchurch.uphero.com/
The Society of Friends (Quakers) Quaker Meeting House, 39, Fonnereau Road Ipswich IP1 3JH https://ipswichquakers.org.uk/
The True Vine Church All Hallows Church Hall, Landseer Road Ipswich IP3 0EN None
Triangle Church 38, Dickens Road Ipswich IP2 0JW http://www.smast.org.uk
Trinity Praise Centre The Chapel, Charles St, Ipswich IP1 4JG https://rccgipswich.wixsite.com/rccgipswich
Trinity Praise Centre 68C, London Road Ipswich IP1 2HE https://www.stokegreenbaptist.org.uk/
Unitarian church 19 St Nicholas Ct. Ipswich IP2 1TG https://unitarianipswich.com/
Whitehouse Baptist Church Waterford Road Ipswich IP1 5NW http://www.whitehousebaptistchurch.co.uk/
Whitton Baptist Church 209, Highfield Road Ipswich IP1 6DH http://www.whittonbaptist.org.uk
Worship Jesus Ministries Hatfield Road URC, Hatfield Road Ipswich IP3 9AF https://www.congregational.org.uk/find-a-church/church-finder/12/worship-jesus-ministries-philippine-church
Zoar Baptist Church St. Helen's Street Ipswich IP4 2LH https://zoarbc.org.uk/