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Q. What has happened to SIFRE funds?

A. SIFRE was technically a 'charitable company' and according to the Memorandum of Understanding assets, on dissolution were required to be "applied or transferred"

(a) directly for the Objects; or

(b) by transfer to any charity or charities for purposes similar to the   Objects; or

(c) to any charity or charities for use for particular purposes that fall within the Objects.

To comply with this the board of Director Trustees proposed that the residual assets assets be deposited with the  Suffolk Community Foundation as a SIFRE trust fund empowered to make small grants to local inter-faith groups for inter-faith events involving representatives of three or more faiths.

This proposal was accepted by members at the Extraordinary General meeting held on 13th September 2016.

Q.  What has happened to the SIFRE library?

A.    Regrettably it was not possible to find a new home for the library and we had to dispose of it.

Q. What are the other groups in Suffolk doing?

A. Two other groups one in Lowestoft and one in Bury St. Edmunds are in the process of establishing themselves.

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Q. What has happened with EEFA?

A. EEFA continues as before . The SIFRE  Open the Box Project and the Open the Tent projects have transferred to EEFA as they are compatible with the schools’ work which EEFA facilitates.

Q. What has happened to the other SIFRE resources?

Resources. These consist of posters, artefacts and display boards which have been amassed by the past workings of SIFRE and EEFA. They are now housed in a space at the rear of the East of England Funeral Service office in the Norwich Road. Charles Croydon has agreed to be the EEFA Resources Officer and the resources can be borrowed via Charles for use by any of the interfaith groups operating in Suffolk.